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Tracking time in Hourly

The lower section of the time page is where you enter times for a given day - which is listed (and you can select/change) at the top of the section.

Each entry or row is a time entry is made up of 6 elements.

  • Project - Where you select (or create) the project that the time entry relates to.
  • Notes - Where you describe the task and outline the work completed.
  • Task # - Where you note a task ID if applicable. This might come from a tools use to manage tasks like Jira, Asana,, Basecamp etc.
  • Billable flag - Where you record whether a task is billable or not (this defaults based on the project).
  • Time - Where you enter the time for a task, use the time or enter start & finish times (you can switch between time modes using the options drop down in the top right of the section - see below for more details).
  • Delete icon - where you can remove a row.

New time entry rows are automatically inserted as you go (shown with the label "new time entry").

There are two time tracking methods in Hourly to choose between. You can fine out more about them in the article: Tracking time with Hourly's two time tracking methods.

If you're looking to track time on different days or change the date on time entries find out more in this article: Changing the date for time tracking.

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