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Set roles & rates

In Hourly, you create roles, add people to those roles and assign rates to those roles.

Note: Changes to roles and rates affect all time not yet invoiced.

These are set the top level - your account (your whole team/organisation) - and you can override the rates at a client and/or project level if needed.

Here's what the Account Roles & Rates page looks like:

Here's what the Client Roles & Rates page looks like:

Here's what the Project Roles & Rates page looks like:

If you need to override the rates for a particular client or project, navigate to the appropriate client or project in Hourly and click the Roles & Rates tab. For clients, click the Set Client Specific Rates button. For projects, the button will say Set Project Specific Rates.

Here's an example:

After you've clicked the button, the inputs will become unlocked and editable. Like this:

Make the required changes and then click Save Changes.

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