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Connect Hourly to Trello

Connecting Hourly to Trello

To start, go to the Trello Power-Ups page and search for "Hourly" or use this link to go straight to the Hourly Power-Up page.

Next, select the Trello board you'd like to add Hourly to.

Note: You may need to upgrade your Trello account if you've reached your power-up limit.  

Once added successfully, Trello will display the message below.

You'll now see Hourly on Trello cards under the Power-Ups section.

Clicking the Hourly button will bring up the time tracking dialog.

Note: You may be required to log in to Hourly if you have not done so.

Tip: You'll need to add other team members in Hourly before they can make use of the Power-Up.

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