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Trello integration FAQ

Q: Do I need an Hourly account to use the Trello Power-Up?

A: Yes.

Q: Does the Hourly Power-Up work with Trello Mobile apps for iOS & Android?

A: No. Unfortunately most power-ups do not work on Trello mobile apps. You can try accessing Trello on your mobile web browser

Q: Does the Hourly Power-Up work with Trello Desktop apps for Mac & PC?

A: Yes.

Q: How do I get my team members using the Trello Power-Up too?

A: Add them in Hourly. They will receive an email invitation which they can accept to create a password and start tracking time.

Q: I've added the power up to the board but other people in my team can't use it.

A: You or another admin user will need to invite them to join your Hourly account from the People page in Hourly.

Q: Why can't I add Hourly to more than one Trello board?

A: You may need to check your Trello subscription.

Q: Do I need to link a Trello board to an Hourly project?

A: No. Just select the appropriate project in Trello when working on a card and the Power-Up will use that as the default for subsequent cards.

Q: Does the Card name get noted in Hourly?

A: Hourly defaults the task description to the Card title from Trello.

Q: Can I see the Trello card associated with a time entry in Hourly?

A: Yes, we show a Trello icon and Trello card ID for time entries with an associated Trello card. Clicking on the icon or card ID will open Trello with the card.

Q: I want to track time exclusively from Trello. Is this possible with the Hourly Power-Up?

A: Mostly. Time tracking can happen exclusively in Trello but managing invoices people, projects and clients happens in Hourly.

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