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Tracking time with Hourly's two time tracking methods

There's two time tracking methods in Hourly to choose between.

You can switch between the two in the top right of the time entry section.

1. Total Hours and Timer

This is the default method. It has a time input for the total time associated with a task (a single row) and a timer button.

In this mode, you can choose to start and stop the timer or just enter time in the the input as you work. They work in tandem so you get use one and then the other but not at the same time. 

When the timer is running this is what it looks like:

Note: You can only run one timer at a time and timers are only available on today's entries.

2. Start and Finish Times

Alternatively, if extra detail is important, you can track the start and finish times of a task (a single row) using Hourly's second time tracking mode. It has separate inputs for the start and finish time and calculates the total time from these.

Here's what it looks like:

It has a handy feature where it defaults the input to the current time when you click into the field.

This mode also has a resume button, allowing you to start a task again later without having to duplicate all of the time entry's details. 

Note: Picking one mode per day is recommended. Switching between the two may upset some of the times you've entered.

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