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Project report

The Project report shows key metrics for work recorded by person. This information appears in the donut chart on the left and in the table on the right.

Note: Admin and Standard users see different information in this report. Admin users see all projects and billable data. Standard users only see the project data that they've logged and don't see any billable data.

Here's what the Project report looks like for an Admin user:

Donut Chart

In addition to the chart itself (the colours match those in the project list), the donut chart shows 3 pieces of information:

  1. Total for which ever column is selected - Billable Amount, Billable Hours, & Non-Billable Hours.
  2. Predicted value for the end of the current week/month/year.
  3. Number of projects.


The Project report supports filtering on the following: 

  1. Period (Week, Month, Year & Custom Date Range)
  2. Dates
  3. Clients
  4. People

Project List

  1. Project - Each project ordered by the column selected - Billable Amount, Billable Hours or Non-Billable Hours.
  2. Billable Amount - The total amount of billables recorded against respective projects. The value appears in the same colour as used in the donut chart. You can customise this colour on the Edit Project dialog (It's called 'reporting colour'). Hourly also shows you the its prediction for this amount at the end of the current week/month/year.
  3. Billable Hours - The total billable hours recorded against respective projects.
  4. Non-Billable Hours - The total non-billable hours recorded against respective projects.


In the top right of the report screen you can download the report in either CSV or PDF.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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